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  1. argeology Post author

    Scott, sorry for the delayed response. We are rarely contacted through this site so I rarely check these messages. Rogers is an area that is prone to formation of sinkholes due to the geology there. Do you have any photos of the feature that you could email me?
    When you say the impression is several feet across do you mean there is a depression several feet across in the land surface? Please email me if you can.

  2. Scott McDaris

    I am concerned that I have a sinkhole forming up against the foundation of the house I am leasing in Rogers, AR. Do I need to be concerned that this could be a dangerous type of sinkhole that could swallow part of the house. Impression is several feet across. The house has had previous settling and repairs. Now a hole about 12 inches across and at least a foot deep has formed. Who do I contact if there is a need to be concerned?


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