Geopic of the week: Fluorescent Minerals


The above picture shows several varieties of kryptonite…. not really!  These are various minerals that display a natural phenomenon known as fluorescence.  Fluorescent minerals contain particles that glow when exposed to ultraviolet light, a type of light outside of the spectrum of light we can see.  Actually, these minerals also fluoresce in visible light such as sunlight, but the visible wavelengths drown out the glow so we don’t notice it.

This collection of fluorescent minerals, along with other educational, geology-related exhibits, is on display at the Arkansas Geological Survey’s learning center in Little Rock.  If you would like  to visit the learning center and see for yourself, it’s available for touring by appointment.  You can find out more by contacting the Arkansas Geological Survey.

2 thoughts on “Geopic of the week: Fluorescent Minerals

  1. Carla Dorey

    We have several enormous peices or sections of huge petrified trees on our farm, located in Leola, Ark. We have only been able to unearth and move three…As you might imagine, due to the enormity and weight, of these behemoths our farm equipment doesn’t allow us capability’s of any kind to easily remove any others..we were only able to retrieve and display the three, As we took advantage of having such a rare opportunity to conveniently access the use of a large crane, belonging to a construction company, brought to facilitate their completion of a large building for us at the time.
    But!! There are countless more!!
    I know the exact locations of several larger specimens.. Of which I found unfortunately long after having access to such conveniency of using any large enough equipment to unearth or remove them with…
    If you would like I will send you some pictures?

    1. argeology Post author

      Sounds like you have a spectacular fossil locality there! Petrified wood and trees are known to be contained in Quaternary-aged terrace deposits in your area. We always enjoy seeing fossil pics around here, so please send them to me at Thanks for sharing!


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