Geopic of the week: Rosie boulders

Rosie boulders

Pictured above are gigantic sandstone boulders in a gravel pit near Rosie Arkansas.  While these house-sized boulders are not unusual, they’re location is: there is no nearby source for them.  Some geologists speculate that they were transported  to this location by a great tsunami generated during a major meteorite impact.  Perhaps the same meteorite that caused that tsunami created the 110 mile diameter Chicxulub crater on the Yucatan peninsula about 65 million years ago.

For more views of the Rosie boulders look here

3 thoughts on “Geopic of the week: Rosie boulders

    1. argeology Post author

      I don’t think I ever responded to your question. Sorry about that. I missed it somehow. As far as I know there are no actually published works on the Rosie boulders. I am thinking of making a publication of my own eventually. I don’t know about other such boulder, either if they exist or if there are write-ups about them. I will have to figure that out when I start my research for my own publication.


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