GeoPic of the Week: Large Quartz Vug


This large quartz vug, or cavity, (approximately 3 ft wide x 3 ft high) was extracted from one of the Coleman Quartz Mines and brought to the Arkansas Geological Survey Learning Center in the 1980s. This vug was found in the Crystal Mountain Sandstone (Early Ordovician, 485-470 mya), a massive, coarse-grained, well rounded, light gray sandstone from Montgomery and western Garland Counties, Ouachita Mountains. These quartz crystals formed secondarily from silica-rich fluids that resided within this large cavity.

1 thought on “GeoPic of the Week: Large Quartz Vug

  1. American Geode (@AmericanGeode)

    Those old photos, relatively speaking from the 80’s, or 70’s or 60’s are such great nostalgia for the young rockhound. We mine for Herkimer Diamonds that also appear in cavities, pockets, or “vugs,” and our dream is finding a jackpot like the one in your photo. So thank you for the inspiration.


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